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Contact us by leaving a message on our answer phone

01625 439333 (Monday-Friday)

MacclesfieldThis number is permanently connected to an answerphone.  Just leave your name, a contact telephone number, and a short message.  We will call back as soon as we are able.  You can leave a message at any time, but we do not provide cover at weekends or out of normal working hours.  Messages are unlikely to be answered until the first working day after the message was left.  To avoid delays, it is useful to provide an indication of good or bad times to call and if you are happy for us to leave a message on your answer service, it is helpful to say this.  Otherwise, we will not normally leave messages because of confidentiality.

By mail:

Macc HospitalBereavement Support Service,
c/o Customer Care Department,
Macclesfield Hospital,
Victoria Road,
SK10 3BL